How to know when your wick needs replacing

How to know when your wick needs replacing

Your wick will need replacing between every 1 and 3 weeks, depending upon how heavy of a vaper you are, what kind of juice you use and what level of ohms you use.

When you first use your new wick (I say wick, because with what is most widely used for Cartomizers/Clearomizers right now, it is the wick you will replace, not so often the actual tank.), you will have no resistance, and your vaper will come out thick, the taste will be clean.

As you vape away, you may not notice the first couple of times, though there will be a resistance that starts to build up as the wick gets more used. This is because the heat will start to wear the wick.

The easiest way to tell when the wick needs replacing, is the odd, slightly burnt like taste you will start to get. As the wick gets older, the taste becomes less.

At the very least, your juice just simply won’t taste good anymore.

As you become more accustomed to your wick usage, you will know when to change it out simply due to the resistance you will feel when pulling on the e-smoke.

If you use a thicker juice, the wick will become worn down more quickly; this is because the thicker the juice, the quicker it will get clogged up. Much like honey vs molasses.

A higher oHmz will have the same effect; This is because the the higher oHmz you have the more resistance the batter creates, the higher the use of the battery this takes, the quicker the wick gets used up.

If you are a heavy vaper, the wick becomes used up because it gets little break from the constant heat and travel of juice through it.

Note: I have noticed that you can often tell when the battery is about to die as well, and I have thought wicks were dying because of it at times. The juice will taste a little strange, and than after about 3 pulls for a vape, the battery is dead. I believe it is simply the battery throwing out it’s last life for your vaping, thus stuttering a little bit.

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